Top SEO Extensions to Use for Chrome

Yahoo has long been a memory. Bing tried to challenge but did not succeed. The fact is that no search provider out there has the clout and appeal of Google, and part of the reason that this is https://useposeidon.com/ such an enormous brand is that the folks at Google hate resting on their laurels. When it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines, Google provides a wide assortment of tools.

You may need to repair Google Chrome if it keeps crashing, freezing and stops working, or if it won’t start at all. What steps do you take? Read on to find out.

A) As a first step, try the following Chrome crash fixes:

1) Your device may have run out of memory and you are unable to load the site while also running your apps, extensions and programs.

There are many other cool chrome plugins for webmasters that are useful, but these are the top 3 that come to mind. You can find many more cool chrome extensions by searching on the chrome extension website.

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To free up memory:

Through all of Google’s many tools, however, it’s actual the company’s own Internet browser, Chrome, that has the potential to help people the most. Google Chrome is a very advanced yet incredibly streamlined search browser that can be updated with a slew of add-ons and extensions to help you get the most of your SEO efforts.

Top SEO Extensions to Use for Chrome

1: SEO SERP Workbench

An acronym for “search engine results page,” SERP is a tool that allows you to check the position of your page via the keyword you select. For instance, if you want to check “handyman in Virginia,” you will see how you rank specifically amongst competitors using that term. As an added bonus, it shows you where the competition ranks as well.


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