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If you do a lot of snorkelling you might want to buy a rashy, which is a long-sleeved shirt with sun protection factor 50. If you are out in the sun a lot you may want to consider getting a moisturizing cream to use after you have been out in the sun.


Many countries have electrical showers. You can recognize them from the fact that electrical cords go straight from protection the wall into a heating device attached to the wall where the water comes out. Many times it looks like a DIY-job from some wannabe electrician. They do not give the safest impression. Safety issues aside they usually produce lukewarm water at best.

The secret to getting a decent shower is to first turn on the water all the way so that the heating mechanism kicks in, then slowly turn the water off until you only have a small amount of water trickling down. If you turn it back too far the heating mechanism will think that the water is turned off and stop working which makes it instantly ice cold. Just part of what makes life so interesting 🙂

Sometimes there are different settings on the heating device in the electrical shower. If you want to change setting turn off the water before since changing setting can send a bunch of electric sparks around. You do not want to be underneath it then 🙂

Hot water often takes a few minutes from being turned on until it arrives to the shower so do not despair if it does not get hot straight away. You may also have to ask the reception to turn on the hot water.

Speaking of showers, do use flip flops when taking a shower. In low end accommodations there are lots of nasty things living on the floor (like foot fungus) who would like nothing better than to take up permanent residence in your feet.

If you do have to take a cold shower the best way is to get your arms and legs wet first, then get a small part of water on your torso. Apply soap and then step into the shower. Well it works for us at least.

Keep your mouth closed while taking showers, do not fill your mouth with water and spit it out.


Good news! For some reason it is quite easy to meet someone for a little bit of fun while traveling. Maybe it is the fact that people are far away from the responsibilities (and prying eyes) from home. Maybe there are some chemicals in the brain which are released because of the sun and warmth. Or maybe it is lack of competition – after four days in the jungle you suddenly look like Brad Pitt compared to the spiders, snakes and mosquitoes around you.


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