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A third tool for remembering new vocabulary is visual images. Suppose you want to remember the word violet. You could create a mental image of an iris. You would see the iris in your mind’s eye English to Arabic and think violet. With visual imaging, you might want to think of two words together, such as violet and violin. You might see yourself playing a violet violin. A visual image of a violet violin might help you to retain both violet and violin.

Visual images, diagramming and cohort groups help you to remember new words because you are linking new vocabulary to something else. Remembering is an easier task when something not yet known is linked with something known. The something known could be already learned words or a visual image. Linking new vocabulary words to already known items in picture form will help you to remember new vocabulary.

You probably already know how you learn best. Some of us learn best when we create visual images while some of us learn best when we do something with our hands. You may discover that combining visual images and diagramming with a pencil enables you to remember better than another approach. You may discover that using a pencil and paper helps you to remember better than using a keyboard and computer.

Learning a new language demands diligence and steady effort. Many people start to learn languages, never moving beyond knowing enough to order food in a restaurant and ask where the hotel is. No matter what your goal, these tools – sorting into cohort groups, arranging spectrum and visualizing images – will help you to steadily progress in your language learning.

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