Home Relocation – Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s face it, no one is an expert at smoothly relocating to a new place unless they’ve done it several times. One is bound to make mistakes when relocating on their own for the first time. That is why it is crucial to seek expert opinion on what one should and shouldn’t do for an easy transition. Here are a few do’s and don’ts suggested by people who have had a nomadic lifestyle – try not to repeat their mistakes! 


Use Free Boxes for Packing 

Most people tend to buy boxes – the fairly pricey, sturdy ones – for packing their items. But if you’re already on a tight budget, then you need not waste your money on them. Reach out to pharmacies, department, or clothing stores to lend you their boxes. Most of them will happily give it away to you for free. On the other hand, if you’re still concerned about the safety of the fragile items, then do buy better quality boxes just for them. And do remember to stack these up with packing material (styrofoam, newspapers, bubble wrap, clothes) that prevents shocks and movement of items inside the box. 

Book a Moving Vehicle Far Ahead of Time

You will be surprised to find all trucks booked even two weeks before the moving date. If you’re trying to relocate on a budget, you should book one of the smaller cargo vans or a relocation service at least a month before – otherwise, you may have to spend more than you anticipated at the last minute.  

Declutter Ruthlessly 

Your relocation experience will be a lot easier if you have fewer things to pack. Hence before you begin the task, dump all the expired and useless items, donate the extra stuff that you haven’t touched in years, and recycle goods. It will certainly help with the final packing as well as unpacking at the new place. 

Survey Your New Place Before the Final Move 

This will help you know precisely which things to take with you. If the new place is smaller than the old one, you might want to sell some furniture. That is why measuring the area and your items will help make a better decision. Moreover, looking for gas, electricity, water, and heating in a new place before the final move will save you the trouble of adjusting to the new place afterward. 


Leave everything for the last minute. 

As much as one may convince themselves of the opposite, but a procrastinator only seems to function at the very end. Take it from people who have moved more than a dozen times, last-minute packing only sets you up for failure. You must end up cramming your goods into boxes or may spend a hefty sum of money on a moving company. But once you relocate to your new home, settling down there and unpacking may take forever – especially if you’re unable to recall where you placed your everyday items. 

Load the Truck During Busy Hours 

While loading the truck, you will have to move back and forth several times. To avoid colliding into hot neighbors, waiting for the elevator for hours, or blocking the street with a gigantic moving truck, move out at night. This will not only help you load the truck faster but will also prevent you from being a nuisance to your neighbors. 

Forget an Essential Items Box 

When moving out people tend to pack everything only to realize upon reaching that all their undergarments are still inside boxes. To avoid this problem, pack a separate essential items backpack or box, this should contain clothes for a week, important documents (ID card, credit cards, legal documents, etc.), bathroom supplies, phone charger, your laptop, and a flashlight! 

Loathe the Process 

Relocating to a new house can be exciting as well as anxiety-inducing. That is why you mustn’t let the process overwhelm and paralyze you, move forward step by step and keep reminding yourself how much you wanted to relocate – or how blessed you are to be able to afford a roof over your head! Or have your friends come over to help you. It will not only be a great bonding experience but will also lighten the mood.

Hamza Hamza

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