Hidden Beauty of Handmade Dolls of the Russian Kind

Dolls symbolize the beautiful artworks which are designed in a unique way to provide an appealing aspect. There are several types of dolls available in the market nowadays that are very attractive and fascinating. Dolls are manufactured in two ways namely handmade dolls and machine made dolls. Most of the machine-made dolls have the same design with slight modifications, but the handmade ones are unique. Moreover, traditional method is followed in the manufacturing handmade dolls which provides additional vigor to the handmade dolls. https://www.hidden-beauty.net/ Machine made ones are expensive and would not last longer. The beauty of them mainly relies on the style of painting because the art of coloring brings out the hidden beauty of the dolls. Painting in the machine made ones would fade within a short span of time. If the painting fades, then the beauty of it would not be revealed. So, handmade dolls would be a better choice because it worth’s more than the money you invest in buying it.

A few important benefits of handmade dolls are listed below:

Long lasting
Less expensive
Nowadays, we can find different types of handmade dolls in the markets, which are unique, stylish and attractive. They portray the culture of a community. Nesting dolls are one of the popular handmade dolls, in which traditional methods are used for its production. Usually one block of wood is used for the construction of these and the type of wood varies according to different artists and manufacturing requirements. However, there are some common types of wood such as balsa, birch or aspen are used. During the production of nesting dolls, at first the smallest doll is crafted and then the others are created according to the shape of the smallest doll. Most often, the smallest doll is represented as a baby, while the outermost doll is represented as a woman. The beautiful artworks are done by experienced artists. After painting, protective coating is provided to retain the color of the paintings for a longer period.

Russian nesting dolls which are also known as Matryoshka dolls are traditionally manufactured in sets. A set consists of five dolls, but now several dozens are manufactured as well. There is an increasing demand for them in today’s market because of its unique design and style. These are not just a decorative product, but can also be used as a gift. Due to the never ending demand for these dolls, most artist design dolls that depict famous personalities. Russian dolls most often use common themes such as peasant girls in traditional dress, animal collections and flowers. In the recent times, artists have duly incorporated newer ideas into the designs of these immaculate-looking handmade dolls which say a million messages in its creative portrayal. So, get ready to explore the hidden beauty of the handmade dolls.


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