Erica Herman Was Tiger Woods’ Employee Before She Was His Girlfriend

Proficient golf player Tiger Woods reported as of late that he is going to play in the 2020 Memorial Tournament on July 16, 2020, at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. This news has left fans all excited over the hypothesis that he may come back to serious hitting the fairway authoritatively.

Golf Digest’s Daniel Rapaport tweeted some reasonable realities about Tiger’s declaration to quiet fans down yet in addition left a little expectation. He expressed, “It’s a foundation coordinate, he’s playing with his pals, it’s his home course, so we’re not going to overreact…but we’ve seen three swings which is MORE THAN ENOUGH and definitely, Tiger looks solid and his swing looks v great.”

Things being what they are, if Tiger is returning, who will be close by? There is no uncertainty that one supporter will be his better half, Erica Herman.



Erica Herman worked at Tiger Woods’ eatery The Woods Jupiter.

Erica was the previous senior supervisor of Tiger Woods’ Florida eatery, The Woods Jupiter, which opened in 2015 and promotes itself as “Tiger’s lead café” in Jupiter tiger woods love life.

As per sources, this is the place the two met and began their relationship. She has not worked at the café since February 2018, as per TMZ.

The couple ventured out together openly in 2017.

The two were first considered together to be a couple at the Presidents Cup in 2017. As indicated by Golf.com, the beans were spilled when some saw that Erica was wearing a “player life partner” qualification around her neck in some photographs, an identification that is just saved for spouses and lady friends of the players.



At that point in 2018, Erica made waves when she kissed Tiger on came and tapped him on the behind. The second turned into a web sensation and many theorized what erica’s identity was. One Twitter client asked, “America, who is Tiger’s new young lady?”

From that point forward, Erica has been a staple of Tiger’s emotionally supportive network. She and Tiger additionally appreciate investing energy with his youngsters. As of late, Tiger posted a photograph of himself, Erica, and his youngsters on Twitter stating, “Experts Champions Dinner isolate style. Nothing better than being with family.”

Tiger Woods’ affection life has been completely sensational since his separation in 2010.

Its a well known fact that Tiger’s affection life has been to some degree a carnival since his chaotic separation from his ex, Elin Nordegren. So it bodes well that individuals would feel anxious to know who his new young lady was.

In December 2009, Tiger Woods and his ex, Elin, were at the focal point of broad media inclusion after Tiger admitted to disloyalty, which had been uncovered after his fender bender close to the family’s Florida home that stood out as truly newsworthy. Tiger reported he would be taking a break from golf to zero in on his marriage and family, however the two at long last gave it up in 2010.


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